Understand the linguistics, Rhetoric’s and Prosody in Arabic.

Categorize the types of the poems.

Apply linguistics theories.

Define linguistics, rhetoric’s, and Prosody.

Recognize the origin and development of Arabic language

Monitor the rhetoric aspects of a text.

Find patterns of a poetry.

Find aesthetic beauty of a text.

Check the structure of a literary text.

Understand history of Arab countries where Arabic as an official language.

Recognize basic factors about the contemporary Arab world.

Understand the geographical significance of Arab world.

Describe the development of contemporary Arab world.

Recall important personalities and organizations related to Arab world.

Identify major issues in Arab world.

Analyze the political issues.

Asses the impact of colonization in the Arab world and post-colonial political scenario.

This course refers to Literary revival (AL nahdha) in the 19th century and the beginning of modern Arabic literature. Mahjar(emigrant) literature , Muqawama and Palastine and different western schools in literature.