Name of the Course:   Nyayakusumanjali of Udayanacharya

                                            Stabaka I and II 

No. of  Credits: 4

No. of  Contact hours: 56

Aim and objectives of the Course:

                To understand the students the different opinions of  Darsanikas about application of the theory on God and how establish the existence of God by them and the replay of Naiyayikas to them.

Teaching and Learning Activities.

            This course is divided into four modules.  Each module may  take  4 to 5 week of teaching, learning activities, lecturer classes, seminars, assignments and tutorials are designed as methods of teachings.


            Two credits will be internally evaluated through continuous assessment.  Two credits will be assigned by University through End semester examination. The internal assessment will include three components
(1) Seminar  (2) Assignment and (3) Test paper.  The Evaluation will be based on the 9 point grading system.


Course Outline


                First Stabaka discusses the existence of  Supreme being,  the controller of the distribution of Adrsta.  Five types of counter thesis about the  existence  of God and Udayanas refutation to these points.


            The causality of Adrsta- Theory of Saktivada.  The refutation  as the points raised by the Mimamsakas are discussed in this section. 


            Refutation of Samkhya  views of creation, Refutation of doctrine of momentariness,   Causality of eternal and all  pervadings nature of various objects are established  based on the  view  of Logicians. 


                Stabaka second, deals with God  as the composer of the Vedas. Mimamsakas view of  apaurusheyatva on the vedas are refuted.  The theory of creation and dissolution  are established.  To establish  the Omniscience nature of God as the creator of  vedas- And God as the Adhistata of Adrsta.


Reading Books

            Nyayakusumanjali of Udayanacharya (Core Text)  I and II stabaka

Additional Readings

1.                  Dr. S.C Vidyabhushanas A History of Indian Logic, Motilal Banarsidass, New Delhi.



Modes of Assessment & Examination

50%  Internal assessment:  Seminar,   Assignment, 

and  Test paper -                                                                  2 credits

50%   External and End- semester examination -                       2 credits


Question Paper Pattern

Question should cover all the modules of the syllabus.

1.         Vyakhyata or Explain   six out of eight

2.         Annotate six out of eight

3.         Short essay- two out of four

2.         Essay- one out of two