PSOS-6654                                 SOCIOLOGY OF ENVIRONMENT                              Credits: 4

  1. To provide insight into the social processes which define, create and threaten the natural environment
  2. To learn the relationship between various environmental and social problems
  3. The course should be relevant to students from a wide variety of disciplines who wish to pursue this area for their future study

MODULE 1:Introduction to Environmental Sociology -Nature and Sociology - Eco-crisis – Environmental problems and Society – Social theory in the Environmental debate – Politics of environment

MODULE 2: Ideologies – Green dilemmas – Environmentalism – Anthropocentrism and Deep ecology – Social ecology – Thoreau, Rachel Carson, Gandhiji and Ecology

MODULE 3:Gender and environment – Evolution of masculinist forestry – Women ecology and culture – Gender and environment debate – Nature and Women - Ecofeminism

MODULE 4:Environmental Movements – Environmental conflicts – Struggles over resources – Globalization and Third World countries - Hazardous industries, Mining and Agriculture – Impact on Indigenous communities – Sustainable Development