PSAS 12511   Aesthetic Studies - IV

Course Fourteen - Core Course Eleven of 4th Semester MA Sanskrit SAhitya

Number of credits        : Four

Course Outcome:      

1.      Understand generally the concept of eastern literary theories.

2.      Analyse concepts in NatyasastraVIth  chapter in detail ; especially the concept of Rasa.

3.      Analyse Rsasutra-interpretations of Lollata, Sankuka, Bhattanayaka and Abhinavagupta.

4.      Develop skill in Analysing all creative writings in the light of Dhvani theory. .

5.      Analyse the concept of Samvada in Dhvanyaloka with special reference to literary plagiarism.        

6.      Understand the concept of kavya according to Jagannathapandita.

7.      Analyse different methodological principles in the texts.

8.      Understand the historical development of aesthetics from Bharata to Jagannatha. 

Unit I

An overview of Sanskrit poetics from Bharata to Jagannatha- famous authors and texts such as Natyasastra, Udbhatalankara, Kavyanusasana, Dhvanyaloka, Sahityadarpana, Rasagangadhara etc.

Unit II          Natyasastra-VI chapter with Abhinavabharati, detailed study.

Unit III         Dhvanyaloka IV Udyota.

Unit-IV           Rasagangadhara I st Anana upto Rasavicara