Module 1: Understanding Qualitative Research

1.1. Philosophical approaches to qualitative research- Post-positivism, social constructionism, symbolic interactionism, phenomenology, hermeneutics, critical theory, feminist theory, queer theory

1.2. Nature and scope: Major Preoccupations in Qualitative Research
1.3. Concept of Site, Field and researcher in qualitative research- changing paradigms

1.4. Field research in India- History, multidimensionality and scope of qualitative research

Module 2: Techniques in Qualitative Research

2.1. Literature review- Problematization- Theoretical/Conceptual framework

2.2 Methods of qualitative research- Observation, Case study, Content analysis, Narrative inquiry, Life cycle, Genealogy, Focus Group Discussion, Oral history, Discourse method, Folklore, Action Research, PRA and PLA

2.2. Doing qualitative Research-Conducting Interview and Doing Ethnography

2.3. Qualitative Data Analysis: Thematic and narrative analysis, analytic induction, Coding, Analytic Memos, Use of qualitative data analysis software.

Module 3:Trends in qualitative research

3.1. Advances in qualitative research: Discourse analysis, Conversation analysis, Content analysis deconstruction, Grounded Theory method

3.2. Complementarities of the various research methods: Triangulation and mixed research

3.3 Continuity and interdependence between quantitative and qualitative research. 

3.4. Use of computers in data analysis

3.5. Representations, Presentations and writing report

Module 4: Activity-Tools, Fieldwork and analysis

4.1 Field study and report presentation