Core Course Three PSAM12503 AESTHETIC STUDIES- I                 Total  Credits : Four

 (Dhvanyaloka IUdyota with Locana Commentary) (Answers should be written in Sanskrit using Devanagari script)  Course Outcome:

 1. Understand critically the history of Sanskrit Literary theories.

 2. Evaluate literature in general by applying the Sanskrit literary theories. 

3. Analyse all creative writing in the light of Dhvani or suggestion. 

4. Develop aesthetic and cultural values and promote the virtues of life. 

5. Ability to appreciate the literary tastes scientifically. 

6. Develop presentation and communication skill through Sanskrit poetics.

 7. Apply the knowledge in new situations. 

8. Present communicative skills in linguistics and etymology 

Unit One- Dhvani Period- Anandavardhana- His works- Dhvanyaloka- commentaries on Dhvanyaloka- Abhinavagupta- Locana 

Unit Two- Intensive Study of Udyota I of Dhvanyaloka with Locana commentary.

 Unit Three- Impact of Dhvani theory on later texts on Aesthetics- Other commentaries and Malayalam translations of Dhvanyaloka like those of E.V.Damodaran, and other works like Kairalidhvani by P. K . Narayana Pillai

Evaluation Method: 50% Internal (1 credit for assignment, seminar or vakyarthavicara or any other similar continuous evaluation methods and 1 credit for internal examination)