PSAS 12555–VEDIC WISDOM (Answers may be written either in English or in Sanskrit. In writing Sanskrit, Devanagari script should be used)           Number of credits : Four

 Course Outcome : 1. Understand the traditional streams of Indian wisdom in their social and Philosophic point of view 2. Evaluate Rgvedic Suktas with Vedic etymological observations. 3. Evaluate Niruktha of Yaska with Linguistic aspects 4. Appreciate and access the literary merits and philosophical insights of Vedas 5. Comprehend traditional knowledge with contemporary wisdom. 6. Understand the Aesthetic values enshrined in Vedic Mantras and compare them with modern perspectives. 7. Appreciate Ethical values of ancient Indian tradition and the relevance of it. 8. Appreciate Ethical values of Brahmanas, Aranyakas, Upanisads and Vedangas

 Course outline : First 3 units out of the total 4 Units.

 Unit I-  General introduction to Vedic literature – the four Vedas - Samhitas – Brahmanas, –Aranyakas - Upanisads – Vedangas. 

Unit II -Intensive study of the following Suktas: Kitavasukta from Rgveda. Sivasankalpasukta from Yajurveda, Agnisukta from Samaveda, Bhumi hymn from Atharvaveda.

 Unit III -Intensive study of Isavasyopanisad(using Sankara’s Bhasya)