Course Seven - Core Course Six

(Dhvanyaloka II & III Udyotas)
(Answers should be written in Sanskrit using Devanagari script)
Number of credits : Four

Course Outcomes: After successful completion of the course the student should be able to:

  1. Understand the divisions of Dhvani in detail

  2. Understand in detail the concepts of Rasadhvani, Gunas, Alankarasamiksa, Sanghatana, Prabandharasavyanjakata, Rasavirodhinah, Gunibhutavyangya and Vyanjanasthapana

  3. Understand the appropriate usage of Alankara, Rasa and Virodhirasa in literature

  4. Understand the proper usage of varna, pada and vakya in literature

  5. Analyze the poetic beauty of certain compositions belonging to Sanskrit and Prakrt literature

  6. Understand Sabdalankara and Sabdasaktimuladhvani

  7. Understand the importance of Dhvani theory in aesthetics experience

  8. Understand the relevance of poetic elements like Guna, Riti, Alankara and Aucitya in Dhvani