If you’re a blood donor, you’re a hero to someone, somewhere, who received your gracious gift of life.


    I have no objection to disclose my willingness for donating blood to any individual or government agency without my prior permission

We Plegde for life

Blood donation is a wonderful way of giving back a life, but to ensure the safety of both donors and recipients there are few requirements you should keep in mind.

Know Your Blood Group : –
A healthy person:--

You should be healthy, fit and not be suffering from any transmittable diseases can donate blood.

You must be 18 -60 years old and have a minimum weight of 50Kg can donate blood.

Maintain your blood donation eligibility:-

Don’t consume Alcohol or caffeine beverages before donating blood.

Have a healthy meal before your donation – avoid foods with high fat just before donation.

Maintain Hemoglobin level 12.5% minimum.

To be careful:-

You should not be suffering from Cardiac arrest, hypertension, kidney alignments, epilepsy or diabetics. if so you must consult the doctor before donating the blood.

Ladies with a bad miscarriage should avoid donating blood for the next 6 months, or if you have been involved in some serious accident.