Complementary Course - I Course Code : 1 C USAM 415 Title : Methodology for Sanskrit Studies

Number of Credits : 3 , Hours per week :  1 out of the 4 , Number of Contact Hours : 20 

Course Outcomes: 

The student should be able to: 1. Understand the basics of Sanskrit Sastra texts 2. Familiaize with Sanskrit Sastra tradition. 3. Acquire knowledge of elementary Sastra texts in Sanskrit. 4. Understand the basic concepts of  poetics  . 5. Evaluate the relevance of Sastras of Sanskrit in the modern world.  

Module II : Kavyaprakasa –  I Ullasa

Reference: Kavyaprakasa of Mammatabhatta, with Nagesavaritika, Chaukhamba Surabharati Series, Varanasi

Acquaint the student with history of Sanskrit language and its relation to other languages.

Enable the student to understand the concept of Linguistics.

To understand Linguistics on the basis of Sanskrit language and Indian Grammatical tradition

प्रथमांशः-  व्याकरणशास्त्रस्य उत्पत्तिः विकासःच - मुनित्रयम्- भट्टोजिदीक्षितः- वासुदेवदीक्षितः- वैयाकरणसिद्धान्तकौमुदी- लघुसिद्धान्तकौमुदी

द्वितीयांशः- सन्धिप्रकरणम्।

तृतीयांशः- सुबन्ताः,तिङन्ताः ।

चतुर्थांशः- कारकप्रकरणम् (लघुकौमुदी)