Course 2- PMOS11019 History of Indian Classical Dance (Theory)

Course Learning Outcomes

CO1- Describe the History of Indian Classical dances from the pre- historic period

CO2- Understanding the Growth and Development of Odissi, Manipuri, Sathriya and Kathak

CO3- Understanding the Growth and development of Bharathnatyam and Kuchipudi

CO4- Understsanding the Growth and devolepment of Kathakali

CO5- Analyze critically the History of Mohiniyattam

CO6- Analyze critically the Devadasi tradition of Kerala

CO7- Understand the influence of National movement behind the inception of Kerala Kalamandalam.


Course Learning Outcomes

CO1 - Understand broadly the concept of dance dramas of India

CO2 - Understand the historical evolution of Kathakali, Koodiyattam, and Krishnanattam 

CO3 - Understand the historical evolution of YakshaganaTherukoothu, and Bhagavatamela Natakam

CO4 - Analyse the concept of Chaturvidhabhinaya in Ankia Nat and Jatra

CO5 - Differentiate the format and presentation of Ankia Nat and Jatra

CO6 - Differentiate the format and presentation of Yakshagana and Bhagavatamela Natakam

CO1 - Understand the concept of Sopanam proposed by Kavalam Narayana Panikker

CO2 - Analyse the structure of Mukhachalam

CO3 - Recall the names of items in Mohiniyatta Seva

CO4 - Differentiate the presentation of Cholkettu & Mukhachalam

CO5 - Analyse the Philosophy of sopanam through the learned padam

CO6 - Illustrate the patterns followed in mukhachalam with Nattuvangam 

COURSE 1- PMOM11001 Nritha aspects of Mohiniyattam (Practical 1)

Course Learning Outcomes

CO1- Understanding the structure, format, and presentation of Cholkkettu

CO 2- Understanding the structure, format and presentation of Ganapathi stuthi

CO3- Understanding the structure, format and presentation of Jathiswaram

CO4- Understanding the structure, format and presentation of Thillana

CO5- Differentiate Korvais of Jathiswaram and Thillana

CO6- Demonstrate Sapthathalas with Jathi and Gathi based using Nattuvangam.

Course Learning Outcomes

CO1 – Understand the concepts of research and its methodologies

CO2 – Define appropriate research problem and parameters

CO3 – Prepare a project proposal

CO4 – Write a research report and dissertation

CO5 – Write a research proposal (Grants)

CO6 – Write model Synopsis, Abstract, Footnotes, Endnotes, Annexure and Bibliography