Course Learning Outcomes:

CO1. Understand the environment from different perspectives

CO2. Examine the geographical explanations for the biological diversity of the world

CO3. Develop an environment perceptive when approaching complex development issues.

CO4. Evaluate the vulnerability of ecosystem services

CO5. Demonstrate the methodological procedure for conducting Environment Impact Assessment

CO6. Appreciate and recognize the complexity and value of ecosystem

Course Learning Outcome 

1. Understand the fundamentals of climatology and climate change. 

2. Evaluate climate change scenarios and their impacts 

3. Analyse observed and projected trends and impacts of climate change. 

4. Evaluate the whole framework of international negotiations on climate change with reference to India’s position 

5. Demonstrate local specific adaptation and mitigation strategies to curb climate change risk

Course Learning Outcomes:

CO1. Understand historical evolution of the discipline geography

CO2. Analyze the relationship between geographical thought and practice 

CO3. Analyze the relationship between geographical scholarship and larger socio-political processes

CO4. Evaluate the intermingling of imperialism and geographical knowledge

CO5. Understand one’s own geographical perspective in relation to border historical discourses and concepts

CO6. Demonstrate geographical issues from a Third World perspective

CO7. Demonstrate the inclusive nature of 21st century geographical discourses