It is a core course   offered for  first semesterM. A  vedanta. It helps the students to understand the derivation of vedic also helps to understand the classificatio n of  words and the importance of studying  vyakarana.


It is a core course  for  forth semester B. A vedanta.

This course is a concept based exploration into the history,evolution and theories of Indian philosophical systems.

 This course introduces the particular methodology employed in the text representing epistemology and metaphysics of Advatia Vedanta and discusses the epistemological issues faced during the presentation of non-dual wisdom.

It also provides a general outlook of the metaphysical concepts of Advaita  and introduces the Navya Nyaya methodology adopted in presenting Advaitic concepts in a logically acceptable manner.


SLA is a work of Appayyadeekshita. It aims to analyze the different concept of post sankara Advaita.

An introductory study of one of the ten principal Upanishads " Isavasyopanishad"



Aim To introduce Śree Śankara and the relevance of his Advaita principles


1.                  To introduce Śree Śankara’s life, works and philosophy.

2.                  To familiarize the students with the   contributions of  Sri Śankara.

Module – I    

  Origin and development of Advaita Vedanta.

Social and philosophical background during Śree Sankar’s era.

Life of Śree Śankara.

Module II

Works of Śree Śankara – Prkaraņagranthas, Stotra granthas, Bhāşya granthas, Tantragranthas.

Module III

Philosophy of Śree Śankara- concept of Brahman, Adhyāsa, Māyā, World, Sattātraya, Karma.

Module – IV

Concept of creation, Pramāņas, Mokşa,  Śree Śankara – a spiritual revolutionary .


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vedantasara ,written by Sadananda is a prakaranagrantha in advaitavedanta .

वेदान्तसारः - विषयसङ्क्षेपः

Vedanta Sara - Text

श्रीमता सदान्दसरस्वतिना विरचितो वेदान्तसारः वेदान्तविषयप्रविविक्षूणां बालानम् उपकाराय वर्तन्ते। तं ग्रन्थमाधारीकृत्यायं विषयः प्रवर्तते। ग्रन्थस्य पूर्णतयावलोकनं व्याख्यानप्रवेशश्च लक्ष्यते।