PSOS 11309                                     GENDER AND SOCIETY                             4 credits 

Course Outcomes (COs)

  1. Understanding gender as a social construct

  2. Familiarity with theoretical perspectives on gender

  3. Insight about the ways in which gender hierarchies are reinforced

  4. Critical understanding of the role of gender in one’s own life and actions

  5. Engagement with the gendered nature of various institutions and practices in society

Module 1: Social Construction of Gender

1.1 Gender as a Social Construct -: Sex/Gender, Gender identity, Gender Stereotypes, Gender Discrimination, Gendered division of labour

1.2 Heteronormativity, Gender continuum and LGBTIQ 1.3 Social institutions and Gender reproduction
1.4 Patriarchy as an ideology and practice

Module 2: Development of Perspectives on Gender

2.1 Different waves of Feminism, Feminist Perspectives - Liberal, Radical, Socialist, Eco-feminism and Postmodern.

2.2 The Equality/Difference debate; public vs. private, women’s studies/gender studies. 2.3 Queer politics, Queer theory.
2.4 Theories of masculinity.

Module 3: Politics of Gender in India

3.1 Intersectionality of gender and other identities in the India context
3.2 Gender and economy:, property relations, gender wage-gap, unpaid labour and glass ceilings 3.3 Representations of Gender: Objectification and stereotyping
3.4 Power and gendered violence: women as repositories of culture
3.5 Issues of sexual minorities in India

Module 4: Gender relations in Kerala Society

4.1 The making of the ideal Malayalee Woman
4.2 Perceptions on sexuality and morality in Kerala 4.3 Gender mainstreaming in Kerala
4.4 Re-examining women empowerment in Kerala