This is a Core Course offered to the First Semester M.A students of Vedanta. This course is designed as textual study of two major Prakakarana works (Independent Philosophical treatises) of Acarya Sankara. The prose portion of Upadesasahasri and the text Vakyavrtti are included in this course for detailed study.. An in-depth study of these texts will enable the students to understand the relevance of dialogue and discussion in imparting profound philosophical tenets. Students can get acquainted with the  nature and content of different categories of texts -Upadesa granthas,Vadagranthas,Tikagranthas and Prakaranagranthas in Advaita Vedanta. The dialogue between the preceptor and disciple, the particular methodology employed in explicating the Key concepts of Advaita and the explanation of the Vedantic dictum Tattvamasi are other important topics discussed in this course.