It aims to learn the origin and development of Sanskrit Grammar.

Historical Development of Nyaya Philosophy.

Categories in Nyaya System.

Early Indian concepts of matter, qualities etc. as evident in Vaisesika system.

Relevance of introducing rational arguments to scientific description as in Nyayavaisesika amalgamation.

Indepth study of the basic text Tarkasangraha.

Course outline

Module I अजन्तपुल्लिङ्गप्रकरणम्।

Prakriy¡s of राम, सर्व, हरि, गुरु, पितृ and गो along with relevant s£tras and v¡rtikas

Module II- अजन्तस्त्रीलिङ्गप्रकरणम्।

Prakriy¡s  of रमा, मतिः, गौरी, मातृ with relevant s£tras

Module III- हलन्तपुल्लिङ्गप्रकरणम्।

Prakriy¡s  of  लिह्, दुह्, रजन्, युष्मद्, अस्मद् and महत् with relevant s£tras


Module IV- हलन्तस्त्रीलिङ्गप्रकरणम्।

Prakriy¡s  of  उपानह्, गीर्, अप् with relevant s£tras.


Prakriy¡s  of अदन्,तुदत् and  पयस्   with relevant sutras